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 We're Lindsay and Emerson Thompson! For over 4 years we've been running our business, Luxe Media. In that time we've done over 1,000 projects, so it's safe to say we're the experienced Real Estate Media experts you've been looking for. Our "one stop shop" business model, quick turn around time and high quality content have been the marketing solution over 300 realtors have chosen. 



Featured services that we provide

High End Real Estate Photos

Market your listings with the highest quality HDR real estate photos the market has to offer!

Luxury Add-ons

Enjoy our "one stop shop" business model as we provide ALL the real estate media you need to elevate your listings.

Elegant Videography

Our elegant style of capturing architecture, interior design work and real estate listings is the high end solution to your media creation goals.


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"They will exceed your expectations!

After working with Lindsay one time, she immediately became my exclusive photographer for all of my real estate listings. Lindsay is very talented and artistic. She has an eye for what will be most appealing to buyers and has the skills to make a home appear as bright and beautiful as possible. I am grateful that Lindsay is part of my marketing team and I highly recommend her. "

- Deea Hoobs | Realtor

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