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Thompson real estate media is here to help you and your listings stand out from the crowd! We provide high quality real estate media in the turnaround time you need. We cherish genuine relationships with every client and are here to help you succeed!



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"After working with Lindsay one time, she immediately became my exclusive photographer for all of my real estate listings. Lindsay is very talented and artistic. She has an eye for what will be most appealing to buyers and has the skills to make a home appear as bright and beautiful as possible. My sellers are consistently thrilled with the quality of the photos of their home. I am grateful that Lindsay is part of my marketing team and I highly recommend her. She will exceed your expectations!"

- Deea Hoobs | Realtor

"Lindsay Thompson was wonderful to work with. She was on time to the photo sessions, took pictures in a timely manner, very professional. Not to mention her photos are amazing. I refer her to everyone I know,"

- Lynlee Clasby | Realtor

Property Sisters of Utah.JPG

"Lindsay is so great to work with! Not only is she one of the more talented photographers I've worked with, but she's super reliable and her turnaround time is faster than anyone else we've worked with. She's the easiest part of the job!

Thanks Linds! "

- Rachel & Heather | Realtors

"We have loved working with Lindsay. She is a great photographer and has great work ethic. She has a 'can do' attitude and goes above and beyond what is expected. She is great with people and she gets the job done right the first time."


- Matt Sumsion | Realtor

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